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Facial Eczema Monitor 2022

Low levels <30,000 spores/gram High levels 35,000 – 95,000 spores/gram Long term exposure to high levels can results in facial eczema symptoms. Dangerous Levels 100,000 spores/gram   If you’re putting the ram out in the next few weeks, consider treating rams and ewes with zinc capsules to protect sheep in case spore counts rise during…


A Guide to Pre Lamb Anthelmintics

While long acting anthelmintics have a role in the management of parasites in lambing ewes and the subsequent levels of pasture contamination, their use contributes to the onset and extent of anthelmintic resistance. With growing concern over the number of farms in NZ now showing clinical and subclinical issues with anthelmintic resistance, the following should be considered…


white sheep on green grass during daytime

Facial Eczema Monitor – 22 April 2021

We have seen counts climb across our monitor farms over the last few weeks of mild Autumn weather. Stock on pastures exceeding 100,000 spores are at a high risk of displaying clinical photosensitisation symptoms and accumulative subclinical liver damage. Give us a call if you see any photosensitisation symptoms in your stock or you need…


white sheep on brown grass field during sunset

Facial Eczema Weekly Monitor – 12 March 2021

Attached are this weeks counts, which have all dropped or plateaued. Remember that these are a rough gauge of what’s happening in the district and a grass sample form your farm is needed to get an accurate idea of the levels your stock are exposed to. The moisture from the timely rain yesterday may cause…


Facial Eczema Weekly Monitor – 6 March 2021

We have seen a steady increase in spore counts across all areas this week, the current moderate levels are expected to continue to rise given the recent rain fall. To assess the risk to your stock the first step to take is to collect a grass sample from your property. This will provide you with…


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Facial Eczema Weekly Monitor – February 24, 2021

Hi everyone, The hot weather we have seen recently have caused facial eczema spore counts to start rising. The samples collected this week has shown counts are rising to moderate levels across the region, therefore it is important to ensure you are underway with preventative measures. After several weeks of moderately elevated spore counts there is a real risk of accumulative subclinical liver damage occuring in your stock along with…