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Merry Christmas from Vet Services Dannevirke

Merry Christmas from the team at Vet Services!! Enjoy time with friends and family, put your feet up and have a well-deserved rest this Christmas and we look forward to seeing you again soon. If you do need emergency assistance with your animals over the Christmas break please do not hesitate to contact us –…


white and gray cat on christmas tree

Christmas Hazards for Pets

  Enjoy the holidays but remember your pet’s safety and heightened sensitivity to some of our favourite things. Never underestimate a food loving dog’s ability to smell out and find food stuff not intended for them!! Here are a few things to keep in mind 🍫 Chocolate: Wrapped up under the Christmas tree, the festive season is…



It’s time to consider your options for treating sheep against external parasites this summer! Our Rural Technicians offer a number of effective and economical ways to eradicate flies, mites, lice & ticks. Jetting off the Sheep Conveyor  Craigco Jetter Shower Dipper The bonus is with our water truck no water is required at the yards…


Order your Toxovax with Vet Services

Sheep performance vaccines Toxovax & Campyvax4 are now available to order. These vaccinations can be given to maiden hoggets and ewes anytime from now until 4 weeks prior to any ram being introduced to the flock. (Shearing may be a good opportunity).


Future Beef NZ – Hoof & Hook Competition 2023

Vet Services are proud to support Future Beef NZ. The 17th annual Future Beef Hoof and Hook Competition was held in Dannevirke this May. The weekend competition is designed to immerse the 8-24 yr old competitors into the beef industry. Competitors are split off into their age and experience level based groups for a mix…


Facial Eczema Monitor 2023

Week ending 3 February  This weeks monitor counts showing most sites have dropped with the rain but Kumeroa remains high. It is important to remember counts can be highly variable between properties and even paddocks so please bring in a grass sample for testing prior to grazing previously problematic areas of your property. Attached is…


green grass field under blue sky during daytime

Farm Field Day

Congratulations to Brent & Rachael Fouhy, and Ben Simpson – the Tararua Sheep & Beef Farm Business of The Year 2022 Join their field day on Thursday 3rd November.


Facial Eczema Monitor 2022

Low levels <30,000 spores/gram High levels 35,000 – 95,000 spores/gram Long term exposure to high levels can results in facial eczema symptoms. Dangerous Levels 100,000 spores/gram   If you’re putting the ram out in the next few weeks, consider treating rams and ewes with zinc capsules to protect sheep in case spore counts rise during…