About Us

Servicing the greater Tararua region from our Dannevirke clinic, our staff of over 20 are kept extremely busy. We provide services to clients from Takapau in the North to Woodville in the South, and from the Ruahine Ranges in the west to the Pacific Ocean coastline in the east.

The practice offers a wide range of services for all animal species – dairy, beef, sheep, deer, horse’s, pigs, alpacas, working dogs and all companion animals. We are one of only 29 practices in New Zealand that is accredited to the New Zealand Veterinary Associations ‘Best Practice’ programme.

The Dannevirke Vet Club

The Dannevirke Vet Club was first established in 1943 and has been providing the local community with veterinary services for over 75 years.

In 2006 the business became Vet Services Dannevirke and we moved from Gordon Street to our current site in November 2013.

As a contract practice we are privately owned and provides services to the local Southern Hawke’s Bay and Bush Veterinary Club. The club own the land and buildings and Vet Services Dannevirke provides services to the members of the vet club.

The vet club movement was started in New Zealand in the mid-20th century to ensure that farmers throughout the regions of New Zealand had the ability to have animal health services provided by Veterinarian’s. The club was formed by local farmers to ensure that they had sufficient vet services for local farms. The club employed the veterinarians and other staff. Over time the vets have established their own businesses and either formed a private practice or a contract practice such as ours.

Our Community, Our Animals

Providing Excellent and Trusted Care