Lifestyle Services


Vet Services Dannevirke offer veterinary services to small block owners across the Tararua Region.

These services include emergency veterinary care, annual animal health plans, preventative veterinary care, educational workshops and technician assistance with routine care to keep your animals happy and healthy.

Our Lifestyle Packages

Vet Services Lifestyle Packages have been designed by vets to give your animals the very best care. 

Each plan is customised with veterinary services and optional technician support to deliver routine and preventative care to all animals on your property. 


Animal Health Plan

A yearly plan for all of your animals health care with recommended products and timing to prevent common diseases on your property.

One of our large animal vets will set you up with a customised plan for your animals. This annual plan will run through what to look out for and the products you should be using throughout the year to keep your animals healthy. 


This plan would include an animal health plan and health check and technician assistance in delivering the preventative care outlined in your animal health plan for your property. 

Advantages of this service:

  • A vet or technician can administer the appropriate products correctly and on time. 
  • You do not need to buy commercial quantities of each treatment product (vaccines, facial eczema capsules, flystrike & lice prevention, anthelmintics, trace elements).
  • We will send reminder prompts. You will need to have your animals yarded for the wellness checks and treatments but do not have to be present when Vet Services arrive.