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Facial Eczema Monitor 2022

Low levels <30,000 spores/gram High levels 35,000 – 95,000 spores/gram Long term exposure to high levels can results in facial eczema symptoms. Dangerous Levels 100,000 spores/gram   If you’re putting the ram out in the next few weeks, consider treating rams and ewes with zinc capsules to protect sheep in case spore counts rise during…


Order your Pre-Lamb Vaccines and Capsules online

Pre Lamb Vaccine Order Form Name First Last PhoneEmail Address Street Address CapsulesBionic Hi-MineralExtender SE COQuantity RequiredDate Needed DD slash MM slash YYYY Coglavax 8 in 1 or Ultravax 5 in 1Coglavax 8 in 1Ultravac 5 in 1 (Plain)Ultravac 5 in 1 (with B12)Ultravac 5 in 1 (with B12 + SE)Quantity RequiredDate Needed DD slash…


A Guide to Pre Lamb Anthelmintics

While long acting anthelmintics have a role in the management of parasites in lambing ewes and the subsequent levels of pasture contamination, their use contributes to the onset and extent of anthelmintic resistance. With growing concern over the number of farms in NZ now showing clinical and subclinical issues with anthelmintic resistance, the following should be considered…


white sheep on green grass during daytime

Facial Eczema Monitor – 22 April 2021

We have seen counts climb across our monitor farms over the last few weeks of mild Autumn weather. Stock on pastures exceeding 100,000 spores are at a high risk of displaying clinical photosensitisation symptoms and accumulative subclinical liver damage. Give us a call if you see any photosensitisation symptoms in your stock or you need…


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Sheep Scanning is used to ascertain whether or not a sheep is pregnant (“wet” vs “dry”, known as WD) and/or how many lambs she is carrying (single vs twin vs triplet, known as TSD or Triplets). We strongly encourage investing in pregnancy scanning as the scanning data allows you to maximise your flock performance with…


How to collect a sample for facial eczema pasture spore counting.

Facial Eczema Pasture Spore Counting Facial eczema is a disease caused by the fungus Pithomyces chartarum; which produces a toxin (sporidesmin) resulting in liver damage and photosensitivity. It grows on dead plant material at the base of the sward and thrives in warm, humid conditions. A good way to determine the risk level of your…